Cononley Parish Council generally meets on the second Tuesday of the month, but with some exceptions in July/August.

Items for inclusion on the agenda must be received by the Clerk at least 8 days before the meeting. The Council is unable to take decisions on any matter which is not previously included on the agenda, but may discuss urgent last-minute items at the discretion of the Chairman.
Public Participation in Parish Council meetings: The public have a right to speak at parish council meetings on matters directly affecting the parish. A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed for this and therefore individual contributions should not exceed 3 minutes. Precedence will be given to those who have written to the Council or who otherwise have given notice before the meeting.
Decision making. Please note that [in most cases] for action to actually be taken on an issue it will require that a parish councillor proposes that the matter is placed on a future agenda for a decision.
Information about the Council. A new publication scheme has been adopted and implemented as from 1st Jan. 2009. To accompany this scheme the Council has also agreed the publication of ‘a statement of pro-actively published information’ which lists available information, how to obtain it and whether or not any charge will be made. Enquiries should be made to the Clerk.
Parish Councillors:
Mark Allum, 1, Spring Bank, Cross Hills Road, Cononley. BD20 8LQ. 01535 632200
Lois Brown [Chairman], Crown House, Skipton Road Cononley. BD20 8NH. 01535 637176
John Nicholson, 22 Airedale Ings, Cononley. BD20 8LF. 01535 630872
Alan Parker, 32, Skipton Road, Cononley. BD20 8NH. 01535 636128
Hugh Rudden, Milton House, Main Street, Cononley. BD20 8LL. 01535 637730
Allan Wade, Royd House Farm, Lingah Hill, Glusburn. BD20 8JP. 01535 632369
Clerk to the Council & Responsible Financial Officer: Stephanie Wheelhouse,
132 Main Street, Cononley. BD20 8NU
Tel. 01535 631094 (during working hours only, please)
e-mail: s.e.wheelhouse@btinternet.com (anytime)
Please note: the Clerk is not a full time post, and can generally be best contacted on Tuesdays
The Parish Council also meets after the Statutory meeting in its capacity as Sole Trustee of the two village charitable trusts [the Cononley Village Institute Trust & the Cononley Playing Field Trust]. Matters relating to the trusts are normally referred initially to the two trust advisory committees.

The Cononley Village Institute Advisory Committee meets on the third Monday of each month at 7.30pm and the Cononley Playing Field Advisory Committee on the Second Monday in each month.

Minutes from Parish Council Meetings


Jan Mins  Agenda
Feb Mins Mins  14-02-12
Mar Mins Mins Mins 13-03-12
Apr Mins Mins Mins  10-04-12
May Mins Mins Mins  Agenda
Jun Mins Mins Mins  12-06-12
Jul Mins Mins  17-07-12
Sep Mins Mins Mins  11-09-12
Oct Mins Mins Mins  09-10-12
Nov Mins Mins Mins Mins  13-11-12
Dec Mins Mins Mins  11-12-12